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Shawn spent most of his early career in the corporate environment where he has studied in a variety of disciplines, namely:


Nutrition (supplementation) for the last 25 years, with a keen interest in Homeopathy and herbology.

Industrial Psychology, Psychology, Developmental Psychology,
Montessori Philosophy.


Has his diploma in Herbology & Optimum Nutrition.
Owned a Montessori  School for 8 years
Is a keen sportsman and competed on a national and international level in athletics.

He holds a black belt in Karate and currently practices the art of Aikido and has experience in the art of Kenjutsu as well as full contact kick boxing.

After experiencing the benefits of Body Talk with a sports injury, Shawn knew that BT and the field of energy medicine, was just where he wanted to be.

After having completed the Pa Rama 2 program, he now works in the field of Consciousness medicine and quantum energy.

Shawn is a full time Integrative Health Practitioner, seeing clients both young and old, he has a passion to help people achieve their full potential (it’s never too late).

Shawn has a keen interest in the field of sports rehab as well as enhancing sports performance through the Body Talk system.

He has personally started and run six of his own businesses, and due to his extensive experience in working for some high profile corporate companies in South Africa, as well as his business studies, Shawn also functions as a business consultant where he applies the Body Talk system as one of his tools to his consultations.

Body Talk truly is an amazing integrative health care modality that transcends all barriers. Until you have actually experienced a body talk session and the harmony that it brings to the body-mind complex it is very difficult to make an informed decision about Body Talk as a system. As a client you should be open to at least four body talk treatments to receive the full benefit of what body talk has on offer. More sticky patterns might need more treatment sessions.


Shawn has already completed the following Training modules: 


  • Body Talk Fundamentals modules 1 & 2


  • Principles of Consciousness


  • Bio Dynamics


  • Macrocosmic Body Mind


  • Body Talk for Animals


  • Matrix Dynamics


  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, Body Chemistry Specifics, and Advanced Mind-Scape.


  • Pa Rama 1 theory and practical


  • Pa Rama 2 theory and practical

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Intercellular communication


Shawn is currently studying for his Doctorate and PhD in integrative Medicine

He is a student of the Pa Rama Life Sciences College ,  International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine, and a member of the International Body Talk Association, in the USA.
He also has had the opportunity not only to be exposed to local and international trainers, but has also studied abroad. To ensure staying abreast of the latest in the field of integrative health, he is an avid reader, does research, attends courses frequently, and is continually studying.
Is a research associate with The Herbology & Optimal Nutrition Education & Research Institute, and

a Fellow of The Herbology & Optimal Nutrition Education & Research Institute.

also manufacturing and formulating his own range of herbal formulas that work on the subtle energies of the human body, and are available for purchase.
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