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Self Love Meditations $20

For a relationship with your self which is accepting,
appreciative, affirming and supportive:

Clearing Lack of Self Love
Lake of Self Love
Rose in the Heart
Affirming Self Love
The Receiving Meditation




Abundance and Prosperity Meditations 1 $20

To attune your frequencies to the fullness of
abundance and prosperity:

The Golden Flame
The Abundant Smile
Clearing Negative Beliefs around Abundance and Prosperity
Tapping into the source of Abundance and Prosperity



Abundance and Prosperity Meditations 2 $20

Powerful heart centered meditations magnetizing
abundance and prosperity into your life:

The symbols of Abundance and Prosperity
The Angel of Abundance and Prosperity
Choosing abundance and Prosperity
The Universe supports you
Healing your Relationship to Money


For the Goddess within you Meditations $20

For integrating the feminine: Sexuality and Sensuality,
Love and Compassion, Power and Strength

The Feminine Divine
Maiden: Your Body as a Temple 
Mother: The Nature of Nurture
Wise Woman: Marriage of Body and Spirit




Inner Male / Inner Female Meditations $20

For Wholeness through balancing Receptivity and Action,
Intuition and Rationality, Love and Will:

For Attaining Inner Balance
Assessing the State of your Inner Male and Inner Female
Healing your Inner Female
Healing your Inner Male
The Mystical Marriage



Higher Self Meditations $20

Exquisite transformations into a higher dimension of love,
radiance and your real self:

The Three Fold Flame
The Mystical Marriage
The Meeting

Stepping Into Your Power $20

For taking charge of your self to be clear, confident,
decisive and empowered:

Empowerment Technique
Being Present
Connecting with Heaven and Earth
Peace and Love
Choosing to be Powerful 



Earth healing Meditations $20

Beautiful meditations for supporting and
healing the planet and all living forms:

To Alleviate Shock and Trauma in People and the Earth
Holding the Light
Earth Healing with the Violet Flame
Earth Healing through the Heart
Manifesting a Joyful Earth



Healing of Emotions Meditations $20

Deep healing processes which bring you
to your essential free self:

Releasing Old Patterns with the Violet Flame
Meditation to Develop Trust and Let Go
To Speak your Truth
Balancing your 4 Bodies
Surrender Meditation



For Peace - Breathing Meditations $20

Touching into deep consciousness to bring about
serenity, relaxation, optimism and acceptance:

Relaxation on the Breath
Breathing Meditation
Colour Breathing


Radiant Health Meditations $20

Effective meditations for maintaining and supporting
a return to vibrant health and energy:

Healing Visualization for a Specific Condition 
White Light Healing
Radiant Health
Process to Discover Source of a Condition




First Aid Meditations $20

Essential support for finding healing, balance and
resolution to various discordant states:

Connecting with your Soul/Clearing Negative Emotion
Empowerment Technique / Decision Making Process
Sending Healing to an Individual or Place
Alleviating Shock and Trauma for the Planet
Cleansing Living Spaces / Using your Intuition
Restoring Self Love / Releasing Fear
Taking Charge of your Self and Life 



Quick Fix Meditations $20

Necessary processes for shifting constrictive,
heavy feelings to lightness, openness and love:

Head to Heart / Anger Release
I Forgive / Protecting Myself
Aura Cleansing / Letting Go Fear
Turning Life Around with Gratitude
I'm Confident and Powerful
It's Fun
I now feel...


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