Terms and Conditions

 Terms and Conditions


All clients participate in healing treatments of their own free will.

Client has informed practitioner of relevant medical conditions.

Client has informed practitioner of all medications, treatments, & supplementation, currently being used by client.

The practitioner does not diagnose any medical condition. We work from a point of aligning energetic imbalances in the Body Mind Complex.

The practitioner does not prescribe any medication. The practitioner could however make suggestions to value added supplements or food sources. The client engages with this information at his/her own free will.

Access to treatments and products is on a C.O.D basis. Accounts that are not settled on a C.O.D basis will attract interest according to the credit usury act in force in South Africa. Payment options are: cash at the time of treatment. Eft , credit card, or debit card transactions as per online facility. If payment is not in cash, service will be delivered once payment has been confirmed.

All appointments not cancelled 24hrs prior to appointment will be charged for.

For whatever reason, should an account be in arrears 30 days after delivery of service, account will be handed over for collection.


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